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Kilt Envy Kilt Envy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Count up

5,6,7,8,9,10 and another 10, I scored randomly, but I sure did love the movie, SCD is a fine mod, and he had such a cute skirt on ;)

Onic responds:

Hah, everyone loves SCD, especialy right after he shaves his legs and slips on a new kilt :o
Thanks for the review, glad you liked it, and have a great day.

Just Another Day 3 Part 1 Just Another Day 3 Part 1

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Not my kind of movie.

I just didn't find it all that funny.

24 minutes ep 2 24 minutes ep 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

HAHAHA this is sooo good

hey i loved this sooooo much!!! i love how you got the idea from 24 and turned it into 24 minutes... well anyway it really really kicks ass and it made me laugh :D so the graphics in this movie arnt the best but i rates it high because i loved the movie. i guess there is not enough detail or movement in the flash, and before you say i dont know anything bout flash cause i havnt submitted anything, think again, i know what its like and it does take time but thats how you make a good flash movie! so i loved the style in this even though its copied straight from 24 although it didnt make sense to why anything was happeneing .. ill have to go watch the first one because i forgot what happens :( i gave you a 10 for sound coz i loved it although i didnt like the sound that played when the seconds where going up... it didnt have enough base to it ans it needed to be more like the real sound i think, well there was violence but not really too much or anything so i didnt really like that, interactivity well there really is none... and humor 7 because i found this to be not only funny but also a little stupid.. thats why i liked it i guess!!! so you should feel good to get a review from me, i only review things that are worth reviewing andway 5/5 votes from me 10/10 overall score, cant wait for episode 3 to come out keep it up! good work!! nDe


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Land Bomber V2 Land Bomber V2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well this is an improvement...

This is quite an improvement from the first one!!... it is much better to control that is for sure the graphics have improved and everything, but i didnt know what was up with the transperent tanks and things.. that was abit odd. i see you added some sound in!! that always helps lol, but still there is no plot to the game!!! you have to add one in!!! make the game more intresting, like have you tried out that raiden IIS - part A??? that is quite a good arcade game, but you cant really compare the too that much considering how you play the game is different they just have the same concept. so you still have to add the big boss guys at the end or atleast make it harder as you go along, the game still needs work and im sure you will get there ( Unless you decide to just stop making this!! ) which i hope you dont because it is such an intresting game. :P 5/5 from me TEH END

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Raiden IIS - Part A Raiden IIS - Part A

Rated 5 / 5 stars

well this was the greatest...

hey i love this game sooo much!!!! i love playing the old aracade games like these, this was really, really, really good!! my score was 24371759... if that was good or not i dont know but that was my score when i finished playing. did you create all the sprites??? because if you did.. you did a huge job on that they were awesome. the graphics and everything ran smoothly fine and they where like all perfect. so i see the storyline you are building up here it is very good except can anyone really fly a ship that has that much fire power??? like the end guy was impossible, can you actually beat him??? i love all the sound and the background music was really good ( OMG everything was really good!!! ) well i gave you a ten for humor even though there was none but i could let this go without getting the highest score it can get!!! i didnt find any problems with controling the plane it just moved way to slow for me.. im used to those fast action aracade games, those where the times.

Anyway this was a great as game and i expect it to reach the front page!!! i cant wait for the next game to come out, you should add in more things to gain health... i found that it was quite hard and i died pretty fast. but i liked how you made it so you dont have to start at the start again.. otherwise people would never finish this game :P so i hope the next game is bigger and better than ever ( bigger i mean a bigger stage size, it was a bit small ) but other than that 5/5 from me TEH END

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Go0gley responds:

Hehehe, thanks a lot for commenting. I extracted some sprites from screenshots, and others I created. ^_^ And no, you cannot beat the end guy. That guy is special - it's the boss you fight in the final level of the next game. If you find the controls a bit slow, go to options and speed it up to 7/10 or something. :P The default is 5, and quite slow yeah, I have to admit! Well thanks again for taking your time. Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Land Bomber Land Bomber

Rated 3 / 5 stars

its good but...

this is real good and all but it was actually abit hard to control.. a little, i didnt want to state the obviouse that there is no sound but anyway.. also this would be a good game too! i didnt finish it but what happens at the end? is there a big boss guy like normal games like this?i hope so.. this could be a really good arcade game just needs abit of work and all that but keep it up :D

shapedafly responds:

thanx 4 the review but sorry i haven't put up a plot yet so all you do is shoot things up. use the afterburner(right arrow key) while moving it helps.